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Other ways you can support the EIO

Purchase a copy of Environmental Tracking 3.0

Environmental Tracking 3.0
Support independent publishing: Buy this book on Lulu.

Purchasing a copy of the book is a way of learning more about the EIO's work and supporting the EIO.

Brief description of the book:

A short and succinct explanation of the Environmental Tracking concept: a system which, if adopted at scale, will bring about a seismic shift in our ability to harness the power of the investment system to place us on a more sustainable trajectory. This mechanism offers a framework by which we can create a financial incentive to reduce emissions within the global economy via the ‘trojan horse’ of the index model. It is a means by which the ‘externality’ of climate change can finally be ‘internalised’, decisively changing corporate behaviour throughout the world. By influencing a company at the share price level, Environmental Tracking seeks to provide the platform for a smooth transition to a low carbon economy parallel to, and independent of, government action.

Finally, the most important support of all: Spread the word about the Environmental Tracking movement!

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